Monday, 26 August 2013

Orthodox baptism & bad practices

Christian Baptism is the mystery of starting anew, of dying to an old way of life and being born again into a new way of life, in Christ. In the Orthodox Church, baptism is "for the remission of sins" and for entrance into the Church; the person being baptized is cleansed of all sins and is united to Christ; through the waters of baptism he or she is mysteriously crucified and buried with Christ, and is raised with him to newness of life, having "put on" Christ (that is, having been clothed in Christ). The cleansing of sins includes the washing away of the ancestral sin.The word baptize derives from baptizo, the transliterated form of the Greek word βάπτειν. In a historical context, it means "to dip, plunge, or immerse" something entirely, e.g. into water.  Baptism is immediately followed by chrismation and Holy Communion at the next Divine Liturgy, regardless of age. Three times immerse fully in water & in each time the priest say "in the name of the Father and the son and the holy spirit.
Check below the new age orthodoxy and their bad practices. Infants are not bothered to take off their "pampers" or even full clothes, and sometimes priests don't bother to take off their own jacket during baptism.

NOW see how real orthodox baptism should be

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